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It Should Be Cheaper And Brokers/Agents Should Be Better

Large Brokerages (nearly every one you have ever heard of) and their agents are overcharging and underrepresenting you because the system allows it. 

First, Large brokerages are designed to make money for middle men (the brokerage owners/stakeholders), driving up costs for buyers and sellers.  Those who own the brokerage take a portion of agent commissions and charge the agents fees to be part of the name brokerage.  

Second, Brokers and Agents use Dual agency (representing both sides in a transaction) and one-sided brokerage agreements to collect buy and sell side commissions at the same time. 

Third, commissions are just too high (and in most cases the buyer has no say in what a Buyer's Agent is making).  Home buying and selling is quite automated these days such that viewing target homes is easier than ever.  

Fourth, Agents should be experts in understanding and reviewing the documents, processes and negotiations necessary to insure your interests are properly represented in some of the largest financial deals you will ever be involved in. Many are under qualified.

The bar to becoming a real estate agent is pretty low (go ahead and ask your agent about their education and experience) and there are plenty of unprepared agents out there.   I am an independent broker/agent, I have a Ph.D. and a law degree and am a trained negotiator who spent years negotiating for clients against the IRS and the Department of Labor.  There are few real estate agents with my skills and experience, and certainly none offering the savings I offer.  Most importantly, when you hire me, you get me.  I don't hand you off to a "team member".   You shouldn't be paying for a team of potentially mediocre agents looking to exploit you financially when you can save money and get great representation with me. 

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