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Here's how I will help you save more money buying your house while giving you high quality service:

First, I'm good at what I do (you work with me, not a "team member"), and can therefor move part of what the Sellers offer to pay me into the transaction to help you buy the home.  And, I only get paid if the deal closes.  

Second, In a typical home sale, the real estate agents involved collect a fee ("commission,") at the time the house is sold.  Realtor commission is usually calculated as a percentage of the home’s sale price.  The commission is paid out of the Seller's proceeds . This includes the fees for both the Seller's own agent (the "Listing Agent") as well as the agent that represents the Buyer (the "Buyer's Agent").  When I represent you as a Buyer's Agent, the Listing Agent will offer me a commission for representing a successful Buyer.  While other agents take the offered commission and run, I have a flat fee schedule that can save you thousands of dollars since the difference between what the Listing Agent offers me, and what I charge you, goes toward buying the home.

Third, Unlike other Agents/Brokers, I will never engage in dual agency, never ask you to sign an unfair fee agreement, never charge you extra "office" or "transaction" fees, and never steer you to a vendor so I can get kick back.  I will represent you vigorously at every step of the process.

Fourth, While buyers now often identify the house they want without using a Real Estate Agent they still end up paying for an Agent. The typical Listing Agent's contract entitles the seller’s them to collect the both the full Listing and Buyer Agent commissions when unrepresented buyers are involved. Instead of saving money, unrepresented buyers end up forfeiting their own representation and forfeiting their right to negotiate the buyer broker’s fee.  As explained above, I typically get part of that fee back to you, potentially saving you thousands.

If you are ready to spend less on real estate commissions and more on actual real estate, send an email to to request a copy of my Fee Schedule and Buyers Guide.

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